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A small announcement.

2015-09-16 15:17:58 by Fatchaos

I am not very active here anymore, but should you want to get more frequent updates and or contact me for commissions or whatever reasons, you should probably get to my FA page.


Anyway, as a last thought, thanks for everyone watching me and whatnot!

Uncensored, HERE.

2010-05-30 21:15:52 by Fatchaos

Ok, to prevent the lot of you to ask where you can find uncensored artwork of mine, here's 2 possible places. They might require you to sign up, but that is something I simply cannot affect in. Also, I am NOT technical support, so if you cant sign up / in, do not ask ME why that is the case.

http://www.furaffinity.net/user/fatcha os/


That'd be all.

Oh, and a new pic.

Uncensored, HERE.

So... art portal at last...

2009-06-18 20:29:13 by Fatchaos

Art Portal has finally descended upon us, the fallen.
About time too ^^
So far, I've got a pretty good welcome there, considering what my art is usually about I'm very delighted people are more understanding that I originally expected.

Anyhow, get those pencils smoking and POST ART!

Btw, this is Zafirah. ^^

So... art portal at last...

Crazy projects closing in!

2009-05-12 20:54:26 by Fatchaos

One comic project, one hardocre pron pic project (wtf! :O), more seducing pin-ups, NG sketchbook Tour '09 once I get the paper, possibly taking part in some other collabs...

Searching for a job... no luck yet... *sigh*

So yup, keeping myself busy ^^

But luckily it also means moar art!
Here's something I've been yearning to do for so long...

Crazy projects closing in!

Time are hard, but rewarding!

2009-05-01 19:54:17 by Fatchaos

I got confirmation that I was able to take a part in the famous Newgrounds SKetchbook Tour 2009!

I am happy ^^

I am also getting more used to my new toys, and well, getting nastier than ever, but here's something cleaner for a change.

Time are hard, but rewarding!

I finally got my hands on a tablet, and shortly after that, Paintshop CS3 my friend sold ^^

I'm still more or less learning the basics for both of them, but I like the outcome of the 1st pic ever to be produced by this combination ^^

Oh yeah, I know it's anthro and all, if you don't like it, gtfo. I've heard it all already. But if you have something constructive or compliments, feel free to post them ^^

New toys are hard to get used to...

Did somebody say dragons?

2009-02-11 19:51:49 by Fatchaos

Yup, I am obsessed in dragons :P

In case you were unlucky (or lucky...) enough to get lost here, comment!

Artfree news, I am still trying to get my life back in it's tracks after the army, but so far, no dice :P

Did somebody say dragons?

Trying to get along...

2009-01-20 18:50:10 by Fatchaos

Army is behind me, but money is going to be a problem, or the lack of it, to be precise.
Still trying to get myself a job for the next 6 months or so, but so far, no dice.

But that won't stop me from drawing...

Anyway, I am currently having some sort of odd spree of adult art, so...
If you happened to get lost in here, then comment ^^

Trying to get along...

I welcome freedom...

2009-01-02 07:19:44 by Fatchaos

Finally, the army has ended...
It is over. I am free again (kinda).
I am very, very happy right now!

Dunno what will happen right now, we will see what the future has saved for me.

That fire inside me...

2008-12-05 21:34:16 by Fatchaos

Guess there's no denying it?
I simply like this stuff!
This piece I like in paticular, don't know if it's her seductive, dangerous glare or the overall smexyness...

Other than my perverted visions, the army is nearing it's end, with less than month to go!

That fire inside me...